Squirrel Boss - Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder, How Does it Work?

28/03/2013 08:11

Squirrels are also great jumpers, so ideally you will want to place squirrel proof bird feeders no less than 10 feet far from any fence, wall or tree. Some squirrel proof bird feeders are weight-activated, some spin or flip and several have metal grids around the seed source that can send squirrels away in frustration. The Squirrel Boss has an instant reply to keeping squirrels off the feeder.


If you might have squirrels within your yard, and many of us do, you almost certainly are looking to get a squirrel proof bird feeder. If you want your backyard birds to exclusively take advantage of the birds seeds about the bird feeder, you will want to consider squirrel proof bird feeders. In order to prevent more extreme measures, try out a few of these ideas prior to deciding to fill your first feeder. PVC piping has additionally been used to support pole-mounted feeders since its slick surface is hard to climb.


Pick an excellent location: Since squirrels are very acrobatic which enable it to jump distances approximately 10-feet or higher, place feeders away from trees, low branches, porches and fences. So, check to see how easy it would be to fill with bird seed and exactly how easy it is to clean and look after. One from the best feeders is the tube designs with collapsing perches. Who wants a bird feeder 10 feet high or solution in the middle of the yard.


Baffled Bird Feeder - By simply restricting use of the the foodstuff in the feeder, you frustrate them and so they move off. More popular though include the versions the location where the weight from the squirrel for the feeder will cause the feed holes to seal and thus stop the animals getting towards the seeds etc. Before installing the queue from which you will hang the bird feeder from, you will need to add a couple of items. Their basic model utilizes a battery-operated perch that may spin in the event it senses the extra weight from the squirrel.


Some squirrel proof bird feeders are mechanical and detects the weight with the squirrel and may start spinning and throw them back the feeder, sometimes called twirl a squirrel. A properly designed squirrel proof bird feeder should thwart the typical squirrel 95% with the time. Where will you place your bird feeder?. The next thing to utilize to fight squirrels is placing squirrel baffle on the feeder.

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